Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Cats....acrylic and dont use the glossy stuff

Finally after a very busy time I have couple of moments that I can use to write a new blog post.

Yes, cats are finally ready and painted. Now several things to be careful when you working with air drying clay.

1. If you use acrylic remember - it dries slow and you will probably need several layers to let it look the best way.

2. Use universal acrylic in a small pots which has a glossy touch to it - they look the best.

3. Dont ever use the simple black marker to paint the details! LOL..yep, doing the same mistake I can tell that color starts "running" to all the sides the next day. Just use the same universal acrylic in black and very very thin brush.

4. And oh yeah... dont use this glossy varnish they sell for the fimo, it dries out to the ugly white stripes. Just leave it as it is - especially if you using slightly glossy acrylic.

So here they are...sitting and waiting to be finished into the final product.

And I finally accomplished my old dream - tarot cards that will make you look at the life a little bit more UN-serious...so yes, please laugh from your heart when you pulling the daily card out.

You can find them here:



  1. Thanks for sharing your experiment and I love the tarot cards!! So cute! the problem is I don't know how to play that :-P

  2. Oh dont worry about that :) the cards come with a small instruction, you can simply pick up one card per day and to see what is the meaning of it - kinda guidance and inspiration for the day ahead.

  3. The "cat-rot" cards are too cute! What an adorable idea! I really like the little acrylic guys, too- so cool that you made them yourself. I never saw DIY acrylic arts and crafts before- it must be really fun, especially because you can make your own little figurines whenever you want.

    *Claudia* x
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  4. I'm getting ready to start experimenting with fimo clay, so thank you for the valuable tips! :o) _Alisa