Thursday, 10 March 2011

Cat-rot cards

Did you ever dreamed about tarot cards that will be completely but completely different from all the decks you have ever known? Well, they are finally here - very very special CAT-ROT tarot cards. It is an only Big Arcana but it is a point of view through the cats eyes :)

Yes, it is something that can bring a daily smile on your face, dont you think so.

Please hurry up because the deck is Limited Edition, only 333 will be made and I am already down to 299.

You can also find a very special wooden limited edition boxes for this tarot deck. You can find them all in my Etsy shop. Each box is one of a kind and I will never be making the same ones :)

So go and visit fast :) I have one more box at the moment availiable.

And we just had a carnaval here in Belgium...oh the job of sewing every year a new costume just for one day! LOL

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

New finds and tea matters....

You know, I love walking into the second hand shops, simply because sometimes you can stumble by something that will make you go completely AWWWWW....and of course you WILL HAVE TO take it with you :) Well, this strawberry teapot was exactly one of those finds. I simply couldnt just leave without it. Isnt it adorable? Which also makes me wanna paint a tea cat, I already have a coffee one :)

And remember kittys from the air dry clay? I am finally slowly getting through them and starting with some new items. Like this hanger for example. I am glad so many people found my info about clay helpful :) Please notice that this information in a previous post is about AIR DRYING fimo :)

And of course I have something very new to share as well. I dont know how are your cats but mine are like anything sewn from fabric. I cant sew a simple pillow for home without them laying on it and making it SUPER FLUFFY and hairy LOL. So this is a new item, specially for your kittys. This is a cat toy which has a zipper opening on the back where you can put anything you like - cantnip, cat treat and so on - to keep them more interested. Mine approved it :) Keep an eye on my Etsy shop today because I will be adding it there.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Cats....acrylic and dont use the glossy stuff

Finally after a very busy time I have couple of moments that I can use to write a new blog post.

Yes, cats are finally ready and painted. Now several things to be careful when you working with air drying clay.

1. If you use acrylic remember - it dries slow and you will probably need several layers to let it look the best way.

2. Use universal acrylic in a small pots which has a glossy touch to it - they look the best.

3. Dont ever use the simple black marker to paint the details! LOL..yep, doing the same mistake I can tell that color starts "running" to all the sides the next day. Just use the same universal acrylic in black and very very thin brush.

4. And oh yeah... dont use this glossy varnish they sell for the fimo, it dries out to the ugly white stripes. Just leave it as it is - especially if you using slightly glossy acrylic.

So here they are...sitting and waiting to be finished into the final product.

And I finally accomplished my old dream - tarot cards that will make you look at the life a little bit more yes, please laugh from your heart when you pulling the daily card out.

You can find them here:

Monday, 17 January 2011

New items and more

I am still busy with cat hangers, hopefully today I will be able to add some of them to my shop but for now there are still bunches of work on them, last layers of acrylic and than putting some ropes and beads :)

My items are being sold now in a little lovely shop here in Belgium called Tante Theepot. This shop is located in Lommel and I am sure you will be able to find loads of funky hand made things matching you taste there.

Here is some photos from the shop... can you find my kittys?

And keep an eye on my blog - there hopefully coming a funky recipe later and more cats!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Cupcakes in 5 minutes

Promised yesterday post didnt went through... my laptop was angry at me and I was angry at my laptop LOL So sorry for one day waiting :)

I am still busy with my clay cats, you see they are finally drying! It was the best idea to put them on a toothpicks - this way I was able to paint them from all sides.

I also added a wonderful new item to my Etsy shop - hand embelished watercolor prints. Arent they just lovely?

And now finally to the special cupcake which is ready in just 5 min including preparation time. My 8 year old daughter LOVES them! Also because it smells heavenly and because she can participate in making it :)

Its actually what you will need. Ceramic cup that can go to microwave, self raising flour, sugar, oil, one egg and some funky stuff for inside of your choice - raisins, chocolate sprinkles, etc....oh yeah, and milk of course!

Start from putting 4 spoons of flour + 4 spoons of sugar in the cup...

Add one egg, 3 spoons of milk and 3 spoons of oil...

Now you can add your funky stuff... I used rum raisins in this can use also one spoon of cacao - it will make you a wonderful chocolade cupcake!

Mix good, use mixer if this point I thought it cannot be true it will be ready in 3 minutes...ha...

Now put it in a microwave on the highest for 3 will start raising like crazy above the cup - dont worry it will never run out! LOL...

BLING!...its ready :) PLEASE dont do the same mistake as I did the first time and try to take the cup with your hand...OUCH! Use towel to get it out and to let it cool down a little...

And now enjoy! You can eat it with your spoon :)

Friday, 7 January 2011


You know while coming to any craft shop I have this strange itching feeling in my hands...yeah, it is scary feeling because than it means I need to stop buying everything I hope I can make something from...

Like for examples all the wonderful Fimo colors...

But then my eye catched something very special. I thought it was what I was searching for. Dont understand me wrong, I LOVE working with usual fimo, but sometimes I miss skipping the baking part. So LIGHT and AIR DRYING sounded like heaven.

Coming home I started with it straight away. I wanted to be able to paint on it with my own colors so I picked up white clay. Let me tell you, it is working wonders! It is feather light, soft and very comfortable to mold. The only part you need to get used to its to moisture your hands once in awhile in between. I used kids wetwipes to clean my hands and give them a slight moisture...and all those Dora wipes smells like a candy store! LOL

So here is a result. Still drying (24 hours needs to dry). Dont forget to turn them once in awhile otherwise the bottom part still stays moist.

Now I cant wait till they are ready to start working on them.

Yep, new kitty pendants, keychais, window hangers and sculptured kittys...I seriously thinking to make Cat-a-Strophe in this variation...

Thursday, 6 January 2011


And because I want to wish a wonderful NEW 2011 to all my wonderful fans - it is also a perfect time for special Competition. And of course there are price for happy winner.

My cat slowly becoming almost a "brand figure" I scarily thought that I forgot to give him a name! Of course he need to have a name...and may be also his partner ;)...lets create something special....
I would like it to be simple catchy and recognisable. Think about Barbie if you need any help haha ;)

Competition is closing on 20 of January so hurry up!!

You can email me your ideas to info (at) or to send me a Note on Deviantart - your choice. Please dont forget to write COMPETITION in a topic.

Now the special price is a set of print of your choice, card of your choice and a keychain! Looking forward to your emails!