Wednesday, 2 February 2011

New finds and tea matters....

You know, I love walking into the second hand shops, simply because sometimes you can stumble by something that will make you go completely AWWWWW....and of course you WILL HAVE TO take it with you :) Well, this strawberry teapot was exactly one of those finds. I simply couldnt just leave without it. Isnt it adorable? Which also makes me wanna paint a tea cat, I already have a coffee one :)

And remember kittys from the air dry clay? I am finally slowly getting through them and starting with some new items. Like this hanger for example. I am glad so many people found my info about clay helpful :) Please notice that this information in a previous post is about AIR DRYING fimo :)

And of course I have something very new to share as well. I dont know how are your cats but mine are like anything sewn from fabric. I cant sew a simple pillow for home without them laying on it and making it SUPER FLUFFY and hairy LOL. So this is a new item, specially for your kittys. This is a cat toy which has a zipper opening on the back where you can put anything you like - cantnip, cat treat and so on - to keep them more interested. Mine approved it :) Keep an eye on my Etsy shop today because I will be adding it there.

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  1. There is nothing like finding treasures at the thrift store - it's one of the best conquer and find! feelings in the world. :o) I love your orange kitty hanger and now cat nip hider! xoxo_Alisa