Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Cupcakes in 5 minutes

Promised yesterday post didnt went through... my laptop was angry at me and I was angry at my laptop LOL So sorry for one day waiting :)

I am still busy with my clay cats, you see they are finally drying! It was the best idea to put them on a toothpicks - this way I was able to paint them from all sides.

I also added a wonderful new item to my Etsy shop - hand embelished watercolor prints. Arent they just lovely?

And now finally to the special cupcake which is ready in just 5 min including preparation time. My 8 year old daughter LOVES them! Also because it smells heavenly and because she can participate in making it :)

Its actually what you will need. Ceramic cup that can go to microwave, self raising flour, sugar, oil, one egg and some funky stuff for inside of your choice - raisins, chocolate sprinkles, etc....oh yeah, and milk of course!

Start from putting 4 spoons of flour + 4 spoons of sugar in the cup...

Add one egg, 3 spoons of milk and 3 spoons of oil...

Now you can add your funky stuff... I used rum raisins in this one...you can use also one spoon of cacao - it will make you a wonderful chocolade cupcake!

Mix good, use mixer if necessary...at this point I thought it cannot be true it will be ready in 3 minutes...ha...

Now put it in a microwave on the highest for 3 minutes....wait...it will start raising like crazy above the cup - dont worry it will never run out! LOL...

BLING!...its ready :) PLEASE dont do the same mistake as I did the first time and try to take the cup with your hand...OUCH! Use towel to get it out and to let it cool down a little...

And now enjoy! You can eat it with your spoon :)


  1. Just found this and its fantastic. Love the cupcake recipie will be giving it a go

  2. @Shirleysas I am glad you liked the recipe :) it is amazing simple and amazing fast.

  3. Yummy! Make sure you use a towel to take it out. It is hot! The cupcake will even slide right out of the coffee mug. I made mine with cocoa and will add a little vanilla next time. Thanks so much for the recipe :)