Friday, 7 January 2011


You know while coming to any craft shop I have this strange itching feeling in my hands...yeah, it is scary feeling because than it means I need to stop buying everything I hope I can make something from...

Like for examples all the wonderful Fimo colors...

But then my eye catched something very special. I thought it was what I was searching for. Dont understand me wrong, I LOVE working with usual fimo, but sometimes I miss skipping the baking part. So LIGHT and AIR DRYING sounded like heaven.

Coming home I started with it straight away. I wanted to be able to paint on it with my own colors so I picked up white clay. Let me tell you, it is working wonders! It is feather light, soft and very comfortable to mold. The only part you need to get used to its to moisture your hands once in awhile in between. I used kids wetwipes to clean my hands and give them a slight moisture...and all those Dora wipes smells like a candy store! LOL

So here is a result. Still drying (24 hours needs to dry). Dont forget to turn them once in awhile otherwise the bottom part still stays moist.

Now I cant wait till they are ready to start working on them.

Yep, new kitty pendants, keychais, window hangers and sculptured kittys...I seriously thinking to make Cat-a-Strophe in this variation...


  1. Eeeek! this looks awesome! My hands are SO cold (Michigander here) I have trouble with the old fimo, is this any softer?

  2. HI! I'm stopping by from the etsy forum!! these look so cute!

  3. Ooh, I can't wait to see how they turn out!

  4. @M.M.E I will be sure to post a result

    @Carrie will gladly go visit your blog tomorrow :)

    @chinamommy I am very pleased with this clay, it is very soft and comfortable to work with. I mostly have problem of the cold hands as well, its why Fimo needs much of playing around before it becomes even closer to being soft. This one is soft from the moment one. Just wonderful!

  5. How cute! I can never get any good results with fimo... I'm really envious of those that can ;)

  6. TheFrogBag than you should really try this one. I never got 100% comfortable with fimo but this clay is very easy and pleasant to work with!

  7. Very nice! I find that regular Fimo hurts my hands as well so maybe this is the way to go for me :)

  8. @Angie this one is super soft from the beginning, no more working for hours till you can get a piece actually workable haha...the only part I still getting used to is figuring out which paint working better on it. Already know that gloss varnish is a NO NO especially if you painted with ink :(

  9. Found you through Etsy forums - thanks for this post - thinking of making buttons for my wallhangings (yet to be listed) and Ilike that this can air dry and is easy on the hands!